Diving in Grand Theft Auto 5

Scuba diving into Grand Theft Auto 5 is an exciting activity. The game features its underwater world that is packed with diverse coral reefs, corals, and divers of all kinds of fish and mammals. However, in the initial phases of the game, you will not be able to discover the underwater world in its entirety since you don’t have the right equipment.

Diving is an all-inclusive pastime, as is golf, tennis, and more. Because of this sport you can earn many game dollars. There are special packages scattered throughout the bottom. If you grab one of them will make you $12,000. The packs can be collected multiple times if you switch to a different hero. So you can pick up the exact bag repeatedly.

You can finish this Dangerous Waters achievement with your Scuba tank. To complete this, you need to dive deep into the ocean and then dive into the water as soon the red dot appears. Sharks will approach you instantly, and once it eats your flesh, you are done.

Buy a home within Paleto Cove, located in the Blaine region. The price for the bathtub is $200,000. When you enter the submarine, you’ll immediately be wearing a diving suit.

Additionally, you have the option of getting an inflatable vessel and then entering, where you will receive the diver’s costume. This method is identical to the submerged method.

Remember, if you go on land, your suit will disappear instantly. While you can see the oxygen tank located at the back of the character, the supply of air will never run out. However, you can die due to pressure high when you go too far into the depths of the ocean. In addition, if you decide to dive into the deep, then you’ll end up being crushed.