Digital sales worldwide in December 2020: Cyberpunk 2077 breaks records; big successes for Fortnite, GTA Online & Among Us

In December of 2020, the figure was $12 billion through digitally distributed full games microtransactions, DLCs and microtransactions, etc. Across the world on consoles, PCs along mobile devices. The increase year-over-year is 15. This is the most significant amount of revenue per month, ever according to market analysts at (Nielsen). Mobile revenue from Android and iOS rose by five percent, and console revenue up 16 percent compared to the year before. The PC industry grew by 40 percent due to the event Cyberpunk 2077.

In terms of revenue from digital media and the number of digital copies sold, Cyberpunk 2077 was the most successful game launch to date. Market research experts believe at least 10.2 million copies of the game were purchased digitally. These estimates also take the account copies of digital versions, which were refunded. Refunds are believed not to have had a significant impact on the overall sales of games.

The success of CP2077 is due to CD Project Red’s marketing campaign and its reputation gained by way of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as record-breaking records were set despite difficulties with consoles’ performance as well as widespread issues and the game’s demise out of The PlayStation Store. PC played a significant portion of retail sales (80 percent) that market analysts believed was due to the game’s elimination of The PlayStation Store and the general situation of the console versions.

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“Regardless of the economic success, the slowdown means that the creators will now have to put a lot of money in the repair of the game to repair [CD Project Red’s] image before the next game,” the analysis states.

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The number of players playing Fortnite on consoles and PCs were at the top in December 2020, since August 2019. The revenue was in line with the same period in August 2020, with Battle Royale continuing to benefit from high-profile events and collaborations, according to SuperData. December kicked off with a limited-time Marvel event that drew an unprecedented 15.3 million active concurrent users. The event was followed by launching (cosmetic) items from various franchises like Star Wars, Halo, and The Walking Dead.

Cayo Perico Heist” for GTA Online or Grand Theft Auto 5, guaranteed the game’s most lucrative (monthly) digital revenues ever. The number of players has increased by 46 percent since November 2020. However, they did not exceed the peak attained in early 2020.

The number of players playing among Us fell from the peak of November 2020; however, the game was 2.8 times more popular than the second most popular game (Roblox). Among Us was also released on the Nintendo Switch in December of 2020. The game has sold 3.2 million copies and was the most-sold Version of the game in that month.

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